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How to Identify a Watch by Letters?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 2:06:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Step 4 of cleaning a wrist watch
Many people, even including clock repairer, do not pay attention to the letters on watch splint. If they are the import Swiss replica watches, their movement splint must have some letters, which typically include:

1. Movement manufacturers (eg: ETA)

2. Movement models (eg :2824-2)

3. The patented identification (PATENTED)

4. The movement jewels (such as 25 JEWELS)

5. Country of origin (SWISS)

6. Plant-specific mark

7. Expensive watch also has production number

8. Expensive watch movement has Geneva mark

9. Expensive watch movement has mark tested by various kinds of authentification. (For example, watch is verified at three temperatures and five positions)

10. Watch brand’s trademark and letter (usually printed on the automatic pendulum)

11. Accurately adjust the mark (usually printed on the splint)

Generally speaking, the watch is more complex and expensive, the mark on the movement has more, fake brand watches often cannot do this. So, this is a method to determine the authenticity of a watch.

Typically, the lettering on the plywood is more difficult and can only be completely engraved before the production of finished products, especially it is difficult to engrave letters on the automatic pendulum. So, if fake watches want to fabricate the identity of the original brand watches, they can only make a thin metal sheet, engraving the identification first and then sticking to the automatic pendulum, but some also use laser printing.

I have also seen Patek Philippe fake watches, but also spared no expense for letter engraving on the movement splint. Nevertheless the font size and color don’t do well, besides, the font is too large and too disperses, and also, color disagrees with the style of genuine watch.

As you know, ETA movement is now used in many different watch brands. So, you should not simply determine the watch authenticity by the movement numbers. I have said above that different watch brand factories have their own unique signs, for example: ENICAR will engrave the “AR” lettering on the movement splint, while TITONI has PH words; this is an important standard to determine the authenticity of a watch.

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Attention Matters of Collecting Quartz Watches

Sunday, August 28, 2011 11:30:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Collecting watches makes no distinction between mechanical and quartz. Many quartz watches are still worthy of collecting, while mechanical watch is relatively simple in the process of collecting and keeping, but it also needs to wind and pull out the pointers at intervals. All watches collection should pay attention to the storage environment, humid or long-term exposure environment are to be avoided, even gold-plated or K gold watches, whose case or strap surface can be oxidized and discolored.

Therefore, the watch should be preserved in a dedicated box; it should not stack off the pile. If you are cultured, you can buy a special storage box and puts some moisture silicone inside.

Most important is to avoid any volatile chemicals around, such as epoxy glue (such as 502), mothballs, and medicines and so on. Also include certain cosmetics, because they contain lead and mercury, once they touch the gold-plated or K gold watches, the watch surface will discolored.

The same as the mechanical watch, quartz Swiss made replica watch should always be concerned about. Though it has no need to wind, you should pull out the pointers at intervals, to revolve the wheel. Temperature should also pay attention to, not too high, including long-term irradiated by an incandescent lamp or sunlight, should be avoided, it is best to keep the indoor temperature, and dry environment.

Prepare a white jersey gloves and a soft wiping cloth. You should develop a habit when seeing the watch, putting on gloves, if you find that the watch has fingerprints, you should wipe them off with clothes. Once the fingerprints left in the above case or strap, over time, it is difficult to erase, especially gold-plated watch.

For the long-term unused but for collection quartz watches, the most important thing is necessary to take out the battery, in particular, battery without electricity; it cannot be taken lightly staying in the watch. The aim is to prevent the emergence and leakage of a silver oxide battery, in my previous article I have said that one of the greatest harm to quartz watches is from battery leakage. Electrolyte inside the battery are highly corrosive alkaline solution, it is susceptible to corrode the movement plates, the battery contact with the reed, and the circuit board. The granular debris caused by the emergency of battery, if they fall into the movement, they will impede the normal gear wheel system and operation, resulting in failure of time display. The worst case of battery leakage may damage the calendar disk and dial of watch. (See photo)

No matter how good the quality of the battery, it cannot guarantee the fluid not leaking. Poor battery also has condition of gas risen, gas risen occurs in the exhausted battery power. I have ever seen the entire bursting battery.

I own some quartz watches, in the process of long-term storage, because of my laziness and inadequate attention causes a lot of batteries leaking in watches, which damages the watch movement, the least sever is also corroding the battery contact spring, and some are even rust off. Problem is serious, and the lessons are badly hurt!

Quartz watches which can be collected should have a little value, so you have to take care of them. A lot of quartz watches, as long as they take good care, 20 years later, when you take out and put on the battery, these watches still work well quite normal, I have tried this.

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18K Rolex Watch Case Stamp

Thursday, August 25, 2011 2:22:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

Step 4 of cleaning a wrist watch
I have ever seen a set of ancient books of Song Dynasty at Carter Auction Company Beijing, what surprised me was that on these books covered some red stamps of every nasty. At that time, I have known that the number of expensive and rare things must have many such stamps. Actually Swiss replica watch is the same; especially cases using precious metal material likewise have fixed stamps. Printing a stamp on precious metal is also a rule, called “Hallmark.” It stemmed from the ancient custom of Europe and has begun at least from the 14th century. Its meaning indicates that precious metal or alloy (gold, silver, platinum and so on) items have been tested and proved that they have enough percentage of gold or silver, which is not deceptious, now it is extended to possess impartial quality inspection and assurance.

Stamp on watch has more, in addition to precious metal; it also includes numerals, letters, model, manufacturer serial number, function and so on. Take Rolex watch as an example, its watch model and manufacturer serial number is respectively printed at the case starting position. For watch strap, only by dismantling it can you see the stamp. However, I find that the present new Rolex watch has quietly made some changes, its manufacturer serial number has been canceled ( manufacturer serial number is usually printed at 6 o’clock position), because there has been such manufacturer serial number on the dial’s inner ring.

Watch stamp standing for precious metal is only engraved on the inconspicuous position of the case. Four watch lugs may have three printed stamps, lugs at 5 o’clock is usually not printed anything, but it is possible that this position will be printed Rolex’s crown logo.

The following is the stamps that 18K Rolex watch case usually printed.

1. Lug at 1 o’clock is engraved the St. Bonaventure dog head
A dog with a pair of exaggerated and big ears or a profile of a woman head, who is actually a protector goddess of Switzerland, named “Helvetia.” It was estimated that her reputation is similar to the Queen Mother of China. Helvetia head portrait indicates that the 18K gold case is produced in Switzerland. I have ever seen a Rolex watch with St. Bonaventure dog head stamp, whose case back is strikingly engraved "Italy."

2. Lug at 5 o’clock position mostly has nothing.
At 5 o’clock position mostly has nothing. If printed, that is the Rolex’s crown logo.

3. Lug at 7 o’clock is a balance stamp
At 7 o’clock is a balance stamp. Don’t look down upon this small and complex pattern, it has extremely clear outline.

Step 4 of cleaning a wrist watch
4. Lug at 11 o’clock is usually engraved 18K or 750
At 11 o’clock is carved 18K or 750 (both can be adopted by equation, but both can only use one).

Fake Rolex watch has two apparent features on this 11 o’clock lug. The stamp is extremely fuzzy or has poor craft, also is printed by laser. So carefully observing on these stamps on case lugs is one of the methods to identify a watch.

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Watch Material, Stamp and Identification

Monday, August 22, 2011 1:47:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

This article will be divided into three parts:
1. Kinds of watch material and their advantages and disadvantages
2. Features of common stamps
3. How to identify a watch from materials and stamps?

Now, let’s pay attention to the first part: Kinds of watch material and their advantages and disadvantages

Gold: gold is no doubt a main material used in a Swiss made replica watch, especially the first component chosen by jewelry watches and complicated watches. Because it is rare, it is precious. The density of gold is 20 times than that of water; it has strong allusion resistance, high forgeability and tensile strength. Gold has the maximum changes as well, blending in silver, platinum, nickel or zinc can cast into white gold, blending in copper can cast into red gold or rose gold, blending in iron can turn into blue. Its disadvantage is easier to abrade and deform.

Silver: silver became the common production of material before due to its soft characteristic, and nowadays it is far more inferior to gold in the application of watch, the reason is that it is extremely easier to tarnish with water and humidity. So our common CARTIER silver case is plated with gold.

Copper: copper is the best thing used in watch; it is cheap and is characteristic of extremely easy to process. It is mainly used in the movement, at present most of movements available are based on brass alloys splint. In general the movements we see come in yellow and white, yellow movement is usually coated with titanium oxide, while the white movement is made of nickel alloy coated with zinc.

Platinum: platinum is made of iridium, osmium, ruthenium and palladium. It is extremely rare, can be melting when subject to extreme heat, soluble in water, and not change in the atmosphere. Therefore, this material is often used for making expensive watches, which serve as collection

Palladium: some of its features are similar to platinum, but it is fairly new in the application of watch. I believe that we will come across in the future.

Rhodium: Harry Winston released a rhodium metallic watch in 2000.

Titanium: titanium is light in quality and extremely hard, antic-magnetic, anti-corrosive, and is used for making watch case by many brands (Omega, IWC and so on). Rado’s folding clasp is made of titanium. Its disadvantage is the slightly higher price.
Tantalum and yttrium: both are innovative materials in the watch factory. Whether promoted or not later on is tested by time.

Silicon: silicon has the features of not easy to abrade and no need to lubricate. It is now used for making the core part of movement (escapement wheel). It does no need damping and retains the minimum failure rate.

Steel: steel is a widely used case material; majority of watch manufacturers uses 316L stainless steel. Yet Rolex uses 904L stainless steel, its price is three times than that of 316L stainless. Except Rolex there is no a second brand use this material, but it sometimes causes irritation on sensitive areas of skin.
Sapphire: it has high hardness, good penetrability, low friction, high temperature resistance, and resistance to wear and is often used for making watch glass and transparent back.

In the following, let’s turn to the second part: features of common stamps

The common stamps we see are available with gold, silver, platinum and steel, in addition, the Geneva Seal, COSC signet and the latest QF authentication.

Gold: it is divided into K gold, pure gold (99%) and thousand pure gold (99.9%). Watch basically is made of 18K gold (0.750), stamp is composed of queen head, balance 750 and 18K GOLD. Dog head substitutes for queen head after 1995, others are not changing. Previous cases have 14K gold (0.585) squirrel stamp and 9K gold (0.375) treasured sword stamp, as the following picture:

Other stamps:
Chronometer: it is a kind of precise watch that can maintain the high standard quality in different conditions and temperatures. The identification of chronometer is carried through the COSC. Each watch will be tested at five directions and at 3 temperatures in the successive 15 days (360 hours). Every direction with a day difference of -4 to +6 seconds shall be qualified. We can catch sight of the “CHRONOMETRES” stamp on the dial, which explains that this watch has passed the observatory’s test and is entitled a trusted watch.

The Geneva Seal: it was established according to the “Geneva Rules” of 1886. The original intention of “Geneva Rules” is to guarantee the watch and clock really produced in Geneva, watch movements fit for this standard will be awarded The Geneva Seal, which is engraved the Geneva badge’s “hawk” and “key” mark. But because it was introduced that only the local watches made in Geneva can apply for, which doesn’t allow us to see the stamp on the movement of some watch brands like Audemars Piguet, whose quality absolutely fits for the requirements of Geneva, but not produced in Geneva. What’s more, Philippe Dufour’s polishing is completely not inferior to PP, even better, because he is an independent watch maker, he doesn’t need to be identified. We just observe the movement’s polishing and making, we will know that whether it fits for the Geneva’s qualification or not.

Qualite fleurier: it was set up by Chopard, Parmigiani and Bovet. For watch requirements not including in the Geneva Seal, the key point is that it not only adopts the standard to mechanical device, but also tests the whole watch. It is tested according to the use of watch in daily life or exercising. It has wide scope of testing, which opens a big door for all watch manufacturers in Europe.

The third part: How to identify a watch from materials and stamps?

Materials and stamps are uniform; almost every kind of material is introduced by stamps or characters. Precious metal is the common material, while we usually understand its components from stamps and characters, with the addition of sense of touch; you can basically make sure the material of the watch. However, fake watches and replica watches are getting more and more rampant; we should know more about all kinds of stamps.

We can distinguish the watch’s quality from its strap, but it is not absolute. Watch straps can be divided into: ceramic strap, metallic strap (tungsten titanium gold strap, solid steel strap), leather strap, satin strap and so on. Buckle is the fixed device of watch; it mainly consists of folding clasp, mandrill clasp, and safety clasp and so on. Each clasp has its brand’s unique feature, such as:

Audemars Piguet’s clasp is connected by “A” and “P”.

VC’s clasp is made from half Maltese cross.

PP was set up its brand by Calatrava

Strap without striking features has stamps and characters to explain its brand and material. Material and workmanship of strap is the key to judge its quality; steel and precious metal bracelet pay attention to the polishing and workmanship. If a watch strap touches rough and has apparent flaw, this must have problem, not talking the good watch, as long as the branded low price watch, its strap must be comfortable. Such brand can have its value of existence. The situation I mentioned just now is 99.9% fake straps.

Watch glass face can be split into organic glass, quartz glass and sapphire glass. Before the 1970s almost used the organic glass, which features circular arc shape. It is not easy to be broken, but easy to be scratched, later on, it was changed into quartz glass and sapphire glass. Sapphire glass has hardness of 9 and is characteristic of hydrophobicity and oiliness, so we distinguish by this method: dropping a drop of water on it, water cannot diffuse and looks like a dewdrop on the lotus leaf, yet water on quartz glass will diffuse. The disadvantage of sapphire is brought by its advantage, which is fragile.

Stamps on the case, especially stamps on the case back can explain the brand and series of this watch, to be familiar with these can help us easier to identify the genuine and fake. For example: we all know that Jaeger-LeCoultre is at present an all-round watch factory in Switzerland that is provided with research and manufacture, even offers movements for the outer factories. Its most famous series is REVERSO, while Master constantly adopts the self-winding movement approved by 1,000 hours strict test. 

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master

Omega Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster and De Ville

Vacheron Constantin Overseas series also has its specific mark.


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Is It Necessary to Take Out the Battery if a Quartz Watch Is Not of Use for Some Time?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 12:34:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

Watch battery with alkaline and corroded battery reed

The service life of quartz watch battery is generally between 1-3 years, and now the present quartz watch’s IC circuits has very low consumption (about 1 μA), which can greatly improve the quartz watch’s battery life. For the watch with three pointers (with second hand), you can also pull out the watch crown when it is not in use, stopping the running of motor, which is usually called the power-saving function for the watch. Short-term used watch should pull out the watch crown.

But for long-term unused quartz watches, you need to pay attention to some problems, so-called long-term is beyond the validity of the battery. You should know that the quartz watch basically uses the silver oxide battery, which is the same as other types of batteries, silver oxide battery will discharge itself even without using. The rate of self-discharge has a lot to do with the placement of ambient temperature and humidity, the higher the temperature is, and the greater the self-discharge rate is .

Some silver oxide battery is also prone to the emergence of alkali and leakage, especially those are not well sealed battery, and this phenomenon is very similar to the ordinary dry battery. Silver oxide batteries have alkaline electrolyte inside, which is usually the sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide that are highly corrosive, if disclosing, it would do a great disservice to the watch. First, it will rust the junction of watch circuit reed; second, severe leakage will rust the Swiss replica watch movement plywood, the most serious cases will hurt the watch dial. I have a Rado watch, long-term storage without using for about 10 years, found that the battery had been leaked, the position closed to the dial and the battery is corroded and discolored, afterwards, it cost me about 700 dollars to change the dial, great lesson!

There are many examples about the batteries doing harm to the item, not only the watch. Such as the dry battery in the flashlight, if it is not in use for a long term, the battery will be oversized after the battery is used up.

So, I suggest that if you have a long-term unused quartz watch, especially the more high-end watch, it is best to take them to a repair shop, first take out the battery, in case of emergency. In addition, when changing the batteries, you should choose those which are in high quality and cultured, and regularly change the batteries. You know, the quartz watch has a considerable proportion of failure due to the battery.

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Girard-Perregaux Released the WW.TC John Harrison Enamel Watch

Monday, August 15, 2011 12:22:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

The history of Girard-Perregaux is that it consistently pursues the precise timekeeping technology. Nowadays, watch factory creates WW.TC series’ brand new exclusive watch models, paying a tribute to this 18th century watch master.

On the dial of this outstanding Swiss made replica watch is embellished with a picture of the Atlantic Ocean, portraying John Harrison’s son Willian Harrison’s navigation route from Portsmouth England to Port-Royal Jamaica. This voyage journey lasted from November 1761 until March 1762, aiming at testing the reliability of H-4 nautical instrument, which is far smaller than the previous first batch of original models. For example, the H-1 nautical instrument weights up to 32.5 kilogram.

Girard-Perregaux WW.TC John Harrison watch dial combines the champlevé enamel painted workmanship, which is created by Girard-Perregaux watch factory’s enamel workshop. The first step is to carve the chart outline on the white gold disk. The delicate compass rose wind chart in eight directions has a size not exceeding 3 mm, and is carved by the sculptor. Soon afterwards, the masters will use writing brush to fill the green or blue enamel liquid into the skeleton area. After the enamel pigment roasts in the stove at a temperature up to 800 degree for a definite time, it will gain the semitransparent effect like the glass crystal. After it is cooling, you then put it into the water, rubbing out the redundant enamel by the hard flint paper. After that, you should use the diamond file in advance to manually polish the dial, and then carry on the last roasting; this process is called “dorure,” which holds out the bright shine.

To echo with the dial, on the city display ring is using the royal blue to highlight the name of Portsmouth and royal port. City display ring embellished with the exquisite Girard-Perregaux mark locates at 9 o’clock position and can start through the white gold crown. Besides displaying the local time, this watch also displays the world time through the blue/white time display ring and rhodium leaf-shape minute pointer. The delicate carved pointers are skimming over the enamel painted dial, solemn and elegant. White gold case, which has exquisite workmanship and symmetrical proportion, is polished and frosted alternately.

Through the transparent case back, you can enjoy the accurate operation of this Girard-Perregaux watch and the outstanding layout of the 033Go self-winding movement. It is equipped with the ingenious coupling mechanism, driving the dual time display ring to indicate the 24 time zones time. In order to pay a tribute to this great watch journey, this watch also especially engraves the important date of using the H-4 nautical instrument on the rose gold pendulum in detail.

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Advantages of Transparent Watch Back

Friday, August 12, 2011 1:17:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

We found that present watches widely use the transparent watch back. The past watch just had a piece of watch glass, when watch finishes making the transparent case back, this watch will have two pieces of glass up and down, undoubtedly, watch with transparent case back aims at allowing us to appreciate the inner movement.

Why does only mechanical watch have transparent case back? One reason is that only mechanical watch movement appears to have much manufacturability and higher value of appreciation. Have you ever observe the interior of a Swiss made replica watch? Watch, which is the tiniest and exquisite mechanical device, has many gears with mesh transmission, different shape of lever, spring, fine polished splint and screws, and quickly rotational balance wheel spring, shaking automatic pendulum, combining them together and echoing with each other, which is really a wonderful and amazing mechanical world! It is the ultimate and summit of precision machining of our human being; I am really very surprised that the watch masters have wise and outstanding manufacturing ability. In these recent hundred years, it must pass through the effort of generations of masters can it create this modern watch achievement and glory.  

The fine and mysterious things should display to people. Watch movement is very engaging in manufacturing principles and manufacturing process. This is the charm of mechanical watch. Transparent watch back has high requirements on the decoration of movement surface, such as automatic pendulum, wheel splint, usually, using bar-type pattern, pearl pattern and arc pattern for decoration.  Screws and steel parts can be carefully polished, at the same time; movement reference number of watch brand and some specific symbol are inscribed in the striking position. Therefore, transparent watch back is more cultured, and more expensive than the non-transparent case back.

Surface of transparent watch movement and even the interior (including: movement identification, number, shock, etc.) can be seen completely, thus less likely to be made of the fake watch. Its travel time status (for example: balance wheel amplitude, automatic pendulum rotation) can also be easily observed, this is a good thing.

Transparent watch back basically uses the sapphire crystal glass, in consideration of touching the wrist skin of people, it also can greatly reduce the exudation of nickel from the stainless steel, so as to reduce the possible allergic influence to people’s skin, which is greener and healthy. The only disadvantage is that it has one more seal ring for watch’s water resistance, and is harder to seal up the watch.

In fact, transparent watch back is not peculiar to the modern horologe, as early as 100 years ago; it has appeared in some pocket watches. Such pocket watches do not have the usual sub-cover inside the case back, but are loaded onto the glass, therefore, open the case back of pocket watch; you can see the watch movement. They are generally the “eight pieces" pocket watches, the "clouds board" splint can be appreciated at any time, also called "open form" (that is, open the movement). Now it is called "normal form" in the watch collector’s circles, in fact, it is a kind of false misinformation.

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The Reason and Disposal Method of Pull-off Watch Crown

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 12:56:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

This is a common fault of replica watch Swiss, because the crown is the most frequently used components in a watch, this problem is also called "pull-off watch crown." However, this also is divided into two kinds of situation: one is that the crown head pulls off; the other is that the crown head along with the pole pulls off. The former situation is often due to the corrosion of crown head, or being broken off by the external shocks; the latter situation is more complicated, but generally speaking, because the cross rail’s tail hook of watch movement breaks away or cannot lock the pole’s rut. Failure cause includes the abrasion of splint and cross rail’s tail hook, loose of cross rail screws, deformation and damage of crown pole. The early watch generally used cross rail screws to fix the crown, while the present watch is basically fixed by the way of cross rail axis, so the pull-off of old watch crown is mostly caused by the loose of cross rail screws.

Watch crown pole is very easy to be rusty, after the long-term use of watch, the waterproof rubber in the crown head will be aging, resulting in poor seal and facilitating the inflow of water and air. Corroded crown pole’s base will be thinner and hardness will reduce; and then there is a kind of crown with "composite crown pole" (commonly seen in Mido and Rome watches). The so-called "composite crown pole" is divided into primary crown pole and secondary crown pole, which flexibly cooperate with each other. The corroded crown pole’s flexibility will reduce, so it is easy to pull out.

If the watch crown happens to pull off, you should properly take care of and send to the repair shop in time. You’d better not insert the crown pole, and repeatedly insert and pull out, which will lead to the wheel away from the clutch yoke, and increase the abrasion.

When pulling out the watch crown, you must be gentle; the watch parts are very small and thin. It can be said that the normal watch crown will be pull off if you pull out at full blast, especially those thin and small-size watches. Therefore I should remind everyone of paying attention to this problem.

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How to Check the Self-Winding Function of an Automatic Watch?

Monday, August 8, 2011 12:49:55 AM America/Los_Angeles


Movement splint
Ordinary consumers should have to detect an automatic watch when purchasing or wearing them, and the easiest way is to hold the watch in his/her hand and shake it to the ear. However, we must take the case back or dial facing our ears, and quickly swing the wristwatch at the direction of right and left along this flat surface, then listen the sound sent from the automatic pendulum.

Automatic pendulum is an important part of an automatic watch, it is actually also a heavy punch, which relies on its eccentric quality and uses the gravity to drive the winding of spring, it is very easy to spin up and hear the sound. Different structures of the automatic replica watch Swiss have different sound sent from automatic pendulum., for example, unidirectional winding and bidirectional winding are not the same; so-called unidirectional winding is that spring cannot wind until it rotates at one direction, and another direction of rotation is idling, (typically ETA 2000 movement), therefore such watch is also very smooth when in the idling time, number of turns also has many when rotating. There is another kind of automatic watch with small automatic pendulum; generally, the more precious large watches use this type of automatic form. The aim of using this small pendulum is to make the watch thinner. Automatic watch with small automatic pendulum is also unidirectional; the sound sent from it is very low.

When the watch is winding cleanly, the resistance of automatic pendulum’s rotation is relatively small, rotation rate will be relatively large; when the watch is in the full winding, the resistance of automatic pendulum’s rotation is relatively large, under the same swing, and the angle of rotation will be automatically smaller.

There are two purposes that we listen to the sound sent from the rotation of automatic pendulum, one is to listen that if its rotation is fluent and flexible or not, no sound or resistance is no good; second is to listen the loudness of sound when rotating, such as the grating or knocking. You’d better check this without winding the watch, and then do it again in full winding. If these two times are fluent and flexible when rotating, it’s ok. If the case can directly observe the situation of rotation of automatic pendulum, especially after winding the watch, at the vertical position of the watch, to slowly rotate the watch to see whether the automatic pendulum can rely on their static torque transferring smoothly to the state of downward gravity.

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How to Identify the Sapphire Glass of Watch?

Friday, August 5, 2011 1:20:41 AM America/Los_Angeles

Past sapphire glass was only used for high-end replica watches swiss and was very expensive, if it is the polymorphic glass watch, for example: arch, ball, polygon, the production process is even more difficult. Now it is very common that watch uses sapphire glass, which has been seen in many watch brands due to a large number of applications, especially the thin plate-like glass, the cost is not high and the price is not expensive.

We know that the biggest advantage of the sapphire glass is very hard and durable, which is very important for the long-term maintenance of watch’s intactness and beauty. Therefore, if a watch uses the sapphire glass, it will be written the English mark “SAPPHIRE.”
Sapphire watch glass is also helpful for improving the water resistance, especially the diving watches, can dive 300 meters, and the adopted sapphire glass’ thickness reaches to about 3 to 4 mm, so as to withstand the tremendous pressure of the deep-sea.

The cultured watches are plated with a layer of film on the sapphire glass, which has effect on preventing the anti-reflection and increasing the transmissivity. This is the same as the spectacles glasses and camera lens; some watches are even plated layer of film on both sides of the glass.

So, how to identify the sapphire glass?

(1) Laboratory methods:

To detect a watch glass is a sapphire glass or not, which is very similar to the jewelry appraisal and using the same instrument equipment. The most commonly instruments of jewelry appraisal is the refractometer, which can determine the refractive index of the tested things.

Although the sapphire glass is artificial, but its refractive index is the same as the natural, both are 1.76 to 1.77, because the sapphire glass is a crystal, so it also has refractive index the same as the crystal, which is 0.008, this will be clearly seen by rotating the Polaroid in the process of detection.

Flat watch glass can be observed, while spherical face is hard to observe, when testing, you’d better daub the refractive oil. The refractive index of mineral glass is about 1.52, it is easy to distinguish it from sapphire, and it has no re-refraction.

Another method is to use polarized light microscopy; all crystals can be checked out using polarized light microscopy, such as crystal. Sapphire is also the crystal, when rotating the polarizer, there will be alternating light and dark light turning 90 degrees per cycle. However, using a polarizing microscope to check a watch, you need to remove the whole movement, exposing the glass. However, some non-sapphire watch glass materials may also have the polarizing effect; it is because that it is made of crystal, such as the words “Crystal.”

(2) dripping method:

The legendary sapphire glass dripping method to measure the sapphire crystal glass is to drip a drop of water on the glass surface, was higher if the drip significantly tends to be a pearl, the glass is sapphire; if the drip is spreading, it is not a sapphire glass. Although this is an old method, I had to experience it, this trick really works, as there is any scientific justification, is still unknown.

Any liquid thing, dripping on drop of water on its surface, there will be a different fluid levels, the specific condition is relevant to the material nature and temperature, it should be called the tension of the liquid, is also counted by angle, including the watch’s watch oil also used in this specification. I guess due to the larger density and proportion of sapphire and the more smooth and delicate surface.

(3) The identity of watch and the hardness of glass:

If it is a regular brand watch, sapphire glass will usually be printed on the back of the watch, or indicated in the English words “SAPPHIRE” or “Sapphire Crystal,” now even it is a fake watch or counterfeit watch, it is ordinary to use the sapphire glass. Testing the hardness of the watch glass can be used a similar sharp metal needle to draw rub the edge of the glass watch at the most inconspicuous, feeling very hard, there is the feeling of drifting metal, glass is not scratched, it should be the sapphire glass. Also heard tapping listen to the sound of glass method, I feel seem no scientific justification; because the size of the glass watch are different, you cannot knock hard.

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Features and Maintenance of a Crocodile Leather Strap

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 12:06:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

Raw materials and finished products of crocodile leather strap

I have ever asked a question in the 365 watch forum, entitled: "What is the material of your strap?" Listed about 13 kinds of material of the strap, until now a total of 887 participants, the survey is that 46% people use stainless steel strap; 26.4% people adopt leather strap; 10% people use crocodile leather strap.

The strap material is various, but in fact the stainless steel and leather (cowhide) these two types are the most widely used, alligator leather strap is also part of animal leather, but it is relatively expensive and generally used for some high-end Swiss made replica watch brands.

Watch strap is more expensive than the belt strap, which is reflected in  the crocodile leather strap, an original’s price is sold for more than 300 dollars, the luxury brand is sold for 600-700 dollars, which is nothing remarkable.

I've been to the manufacturers that produce crocodile leather strap, their crocodile are all imported. It is said that the artificial culture crocodile which can be used for strap includes the alligator, and caiman, the former has better quality. At first, caiman and alligator are two different kinds of crocodile variety and are born in different places; secondly the caiman crocodile skin fabric's texture is the irregular circular pattern, while the alligator is mostly the square pattern; thirdly, in contrast to caiman, alligator has better quality, while the caiman is comparatively fragile; fourthly, alligator is more precious and is the masterwork, its aesthetic value can not be compared with caiman leather.
It seems that the entire crocodile skin is not too big, also about two feet long. The useful part is the both sides of the chest and abdomen, near the spine is too hard, but also near the belly part is too soft and can not be used, so calculating that a piece of crocodile skin can make about 10 straps, the high quality can make four straps. Big square gradually turning to the small square is the best. Crocodile leather strap is the standard device of top class watches, the magnificent and noble crocodile skin becomes the first choice of luxurious watch.

Crocodile leather strap stresses on the sewing in the process of the production, which is made by the experienced advanced senior artisan and is absolutely one part of a watch. Precious metal watch is embellished with the sophisticated crocodile leather strap, just as the top diamond equipped with the platinum ring, all are the top-level devices, which makes your watch connect with each other. Crocodile skin is only an outer layer of the strap, the inner is not, moreover, inside the strap has the filling pad thing, the head is thicker, while the end is thinner, the holes have about 6-7, the standard length is 70/110 mm.

Crocodile leather strap and its logo

Crocodile leather strap is not strong compared with the calfskin strap, it is consumable, I feel that besides the metallic strap, high quality rubber strap is more durable. If a strap uses the butterfly buckle, the situation is desirable; if a strap uses the pin buckle just as the belt strap, it is easy to craze at the position of bend.

Sun exposure and frequent contact with a lot of sweat have biggest damage to the strap, as well as air humidity and water erosion, alternating leather is easy to become so dry, harden, and easy to give birth to an odor, and is the same situation as wearing the shoes.

Maintenance of crocodile leather strap

Suggested that you should get off and then collect the original crocodile leather strap, replace another calfskin leather strap in same quality, or you can seldom wear it in summer, and often wear it in winter. At ordinary time, you can wipe some colourless lanolin on the strap, especially before the long-term collection, which is the same as wearing shoes, it is different whether you maintain it or not.

When you put on and connect the watch, the action should be slow and gentle, to avoid vigorously damaging it; after the fixed positions bend, do not reverse the back plate; strap often rubs with hard substance, which will lead to accelerated wear and tear of strap surface, losing lustre, this should be noted to avoid. Do not tighten your wrist when wearing the crocodile strap, you should relax yourself, to reduce the touch with skin and the eroded by sweat.

Even the best leather, and then careful care, can not stop the aging of the leather, the case found that the strap has broken, do not hesitate to do the replacement in time, old watches, leather strap can reduce the appearance quality and grade of a watch, face did not say none, but also may result in the loss of your watch.

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Self-Winding Structure of the ETA 2892 Movement

Monday, August 1, 2011 12:40:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

ETA 2892 movement

Self-winding structure of the ETA 2892 movement

20 years ago, I've seen this movement. What I remembered was that there were a few people from the Shanghai Horologe Institute reaching to my office to examine the latest model of the Swiss watches. After carefully looking at the ETA 2892 movement, the leader of these people said some words: “its design is so exquisite,” I was impressed. This ETA 2892 movement is firstly characterized by its thinness, its automatic plywood is the same high as the strip plywood, rather than the other watch movement, automatic plywood is mounted at the top of the plywood. Therefore, the ETA2892 movement has a thickness of only 3.6mm, and even thinner than the general manual winding watch movement.

All automatic bi-directional winding replica watch swiss, its winding form basically has two kinds: one, using the automatic reversing wheel 2, using the eccentric swing ratchet pawl; the first approach of them is the most common. Principle of self-winding watch is actually the usage of an eccentric hammer (automatic pendulum), which drives a group of gears and winds the clockwork spring in the rotation of the watch. Bi-directional automatic winding watches must be fitted with column wheels, so that the left and right swing of automatic pendulum can wind the clockwork spring.

Automatic guide wheel (the "pulley) generally has two in the automatic structure of a watch, are called "guide wheel 1" and "guide wheel 2." They engage with each other, and have the same upper and lower teeth, between each wheel piece has two "thousand jin", due to its "thousand jin"’s non-return-oriented features, the guide wheel has the oriented function. Some use the round rolling piece, called “Beyond the clutch” self-winding form.

Compared to the common ETA 2824 movement, the ETA2892 self-winding movement structure is more complex, due to the different design of the movement splint, the sizes and number of wheels are not the same, ETA 2824 movement has only "guide wheel 1" , "guide wheel 2", automatic wheel, automatic winding wheel these four wheels; although the ETA2892 movement combines in one, its wheel number of the automatic wheel has increased to six, the main point is that its transmission idle wheel has much more, including the winding wheel of the strip splint,  lined up in one-shape, just like the solar system's planets.

ETA2892 automatic structure and working principle:

A. Automatic gear axis teeth

E. Guide wheel, its axis teeth meanwhile meshes the guide wheel (H) and reverse wheel (F), the lower wheel piece

H. guide wheels, which has upper/lower pieces and a gear shaft, each wheel piece has “thousand jin,” the gear shaft of the upper/lower wheel piece is moved when at the reverse rotation; clockwise rotation is just an empty rotation, gear shaft is not driven.

I. Automatic third wheel

K. Self-winding wheel

When the automatic pendulum is at the reverse rotation, under the mesh of the pendulum gear shaft, the automatic pendulum idle wheel rotates, its gear shaft meshes the lower piece of the guide wheel, whose reverse rotation will drive the gear shaft rotation of itself, driving the automatic third wheel and automatic winding wheel.
When the automatic pendulum is at the clockwise rotation, under the mesh of the pendulum gear shaft, the automatic pendulum idle wheel rotates. Its gear shaft meshes the lower wheel piece of the guide wheel, at the same time, meshes the anti-direction wheel, whose upper wheel piece meshes the guide wheel, therefor, the upper wheel piece of the guide wheel rotates and drives the gear shaft rotation of itself, driving the automatic third wheel and automatic winding wheel.

Some people said that the ETA2892 self-winding movement self-winding has low efficiency, and even that its diameter of automatic pendulum is too large, as if it has some sense. I often give this movement to somebody for repairing, as long as lack of exercise, it is prone to stop and go or not go for the phenomenon of insufficient length. In fact, it's automatic pendulum bearing ball is easy to deform under the drastic impact and vibration, so as to affect the fluency of the automatic pendulum’s rotation.

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Attention Matters of Buying a Second-Hand Watch

Friday, July 29, 2011 1:30:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

Second-hand watch is usually indicated that the watch has been used and is once again sold at the market. They may be not the old and flawed watches, some of them are even new and never worn by anyone. Watch should belong to the scope of luxury, and people who have strong willingness to buy high end Swiss watches, will stop buying if the price is exorbitant. So, if you prefer to purchase the cheap and good watch, you can consider the second-hand one, which is also a fine choice.

Second-hand Swiss replica watches generally appear at the auction shop, pawnshop, second-hand clock and watch boutique, antique flea market and on the net. The Europe and America second-hand watch market is also very developed. Asian district includes Japan, HongKong and Macao, on the one hand, they have a large quantity of goods, on the other hand, they have wide marketing channel and big choices. As long as you pay more attention to them, you can buy these watches at low prices. As for the transaction of the second-hand watch, many people are doubt about it, maybe they tend to care about their dignity, or consider that these watches have been out of date, even more worry about that they are broken, or have some problem with the movement. I have ever heard that people in the coastal developed area are wise to buy a second-hand watch, such as Shanghai, the second-hand watch market is extremely active, if the product is good and valuable, people also prefer to buy them. Actually thinks that sometimes watch is similar to the jewellery, has stable physical properties and don’t have quality guarantee period, also, can be polished and decorated. Even though you buy a new watch at the supermarket, once it is worn, its appearance will be changed looking like a second-hand watch at once.

In general, the price of the second-hand watch is 50% lower than the new watch in same model. You will get more discount if the watch has higher price.

Some people buy watch just for fun, that is to say, they will often change the strap, weed out those outdated watches and pay much money to buy the more high-grade, and better branded watch strap. Therefor, there are many approaches to acquire the second-hand watches. Moreover, these watches are good in appearance, essentially identified by the professionals.

I suggest that if you want to buy a second-hand watch, you’d better purchase it from the pawnshop and auction shop. Only the antique flea market is easy to cheat the ignorant consumers, if you don’t have the trusted watch experts to guide you, you must be very cautious. In addition, for the second-hand specialty store and online transaction, you must also find the credible, reputable, responsible stores which have quality and warranty assurance.

If you don't buy for collection, I advise you not to buy the old second-hand watch, once the movement is out of order in the future, you should take additional money to repair it.

You should buy the second-hand watch in a new look, especially those which are the same as the watches attached the gift box and instruction book and sold in a big store. When buying a second-hand watch, you should emphasize on checking the appearance and functions, to make sure that if it is normal or not. Those people who are familiar with the watch construction and have certain professional knowledge, will go to the second-watch market and flea market to buy some valuable watches at low prices.

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Notice of Collecting the Antique Watches

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 12:46:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Watch is the product with the improvement of human beings’ science and technology. If there is no precise equipments and first-rate talents, you can not create the movements that are provided with vitality. In the early days, some replica watch swiss factories plunged into a large quantity of money to research the accurate and durable exclusive movements. Therefor, all these movements have their own unique design style, just as the genetic connection. Here are some notice of collectng an antique watch.

At first, you should make sure if the original factory produces such kind of movement and whether its plate circuit style is right or not, to observe if the movement has serious oxidation, rust and scratch. The screws on the board is short or not, turning the balance spring for two or three circles to check if the watch can go or not at the position of front, reverse, left, right, above and below, to examine if the roundness and level of balance wheel is normal or not.

The strength of balance wheel’s swing at back and forth is ideal or not, the process of winding the balance wheel is smooth or not, the volume of the sound when winding the balance wheel has relation to its design and no absolute relation to the quality of movement.

Pull out the crown and turn the hour pointer for one circle, then examine the position of the minute hand is accurate or not, for example, if a watch is attached a calendar, thus, you should check if the calendar jumps or not, then verify the standard time.

Precious metal cases made by Swizerland, England, France, most of which are branded the sear of precious metal. American watches will be branded the words of 14K or 18K. These small sear about 1 mm is the simplest method to distinguish the genuine and fake watches, but you must use a more than tenfold hand lens to look up them.

The Case and lug are bended out of shape or not, crown is original or not, the brand lettering on the dial is original sample or not, how about the oxidation and damage situation of the dial, the hour hand, minute hand, second hand and markers of the dial is original or not, the signature on the case back and movement plate is unanimous or not, movement and case is coincident or not, if there is abnormal sound or not when covering the case back and lightly swinging the watch. Different automatic watches have different automatic plate revolving ways, if there is different sound, not indicating that it is damaged.

If it is a multi-functional watch, you can revolve the 24 hours, seeing if the date, week, moon can normally jump or not. In general, you can test the quick adjustment button, turn the pointer to the six o’clock of the midnight, then press the adjustment button, to check if the date, week, moon phase and month can be adjusted or not. If it is a perpetual calendar, you need to test if its solar months of 30 days and 31 days, leap year are correct or not. The chronograph should control the start, stop and reset to zero function of a stopwatch. Two small counters’ hour and minute hands can go or not.

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How to Maintain Gold-Plated Watches?

Friday, July 22, 2011 12:10:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

Nowadays, quite a lot people prefer to wear some extremely attractive and unusual watches as the very decorations to present their personalities and social status. There are many ornaments becoming the necessary of people’s daily lives, and watch is one of the important ornaments among them that help people to record the time. In consideration of this, the fine and beautiful gold-plated watches are their first choice to take. What’s the notable point that the watch enthusiast concern most is the maintenance of the gold-plated watch. Luckily, this post will introduce some tips for helping you have a good idea about how to make your gold-plated watch be your forever accompanies in your daily life.

gold-plated watch 1
At first, you must take care of the cleaning of the design. You should avoid the abrasive cleaning material on your watch due to the chemical in the cleaners is too harsh and could make the watch lose its original color. On the other hand, the chloride in sweat does harm to your gold-plated Swiss made replica watch. So, if the sweat is noted on your watch, you must clean and dry it instantly.

Besides, clean and dry your gold-plated watch is very important to maintain the watch. To clean the design with corduroy cloth once a week is very advisable.

At last, you should prevent your gold-plated watch far away from the hard surface. If you don’t pay attention to the thin layer of the gold polish, it will easily be scratched and wear away gradually. 

The tips that mentioned above are very useful and practical for the maintenance of the gold-plated watch. If you bear all of them in mind, your gold-plated watch could be ever-lasting and wear for a long time.

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The Comparison of the ETA 2824-2 and the Miyota 8215 Movements

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 1:50:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Miyota 8215 and ETA 2824-2 movements are reliable and precise, which are used by some Swiss made replica watch makers world wide. What’s more, they have been produced for years.

Nowadays most watch manufacturers don’t produce their own movements. Some of them now employ "ebauche" (spec) movements, manufactured by ETA, Valjoux and a few others.

Invicta 9937 uses the Swiss ETA 2824-2 25 Jewel Automatic movement.

Some famous watch brands, such as Auguste Reymond, Cartier, Dugena, Eterna, Festina, Fortis, Gaddy’s, Kienzle, Maurice Lacroix, MHR Motochron, Oris, Schwarz-Etienne, Tag Heuer, Tissot and so on, use the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement.

Camel, Citizen, Dugena, Festina and Invicta use the Miyota 8215 movemnet.

These two movements are similar and different in functionality and application.

Cost – You can pay about $78 for buying a 25 jewel ETA 2824-2 Automatic movement from Ofrei. If you buy a Rolex watch that equipped with this type of movement, it usually cost you thousands dollars. The 21 Jewel Miyota 8215 costs about $37 and is used in watches priced from $100 and up.

BPH – Beats per hour. ETA 2824-2 movement beats 28,800 BPH, while the Miyota 8215 movement beats 21,600 BPH. Accuracy of a watch usually depends on the BPH of a movement, the higher BPH will be more accurate. There is an easy way to judge the quality of a movement. If the second hand runs smoothly, the movement has high quality.

Finish – The Miyota is rougher and less polished than the ETA.

Jewels – The value of jewels is to reduce friction and wear on moving parts. The ETA has 25 jewels and the Miyota has 21 jewels.

Power Reserve – Power reserve is the number of hours a movement will run when fully wound. The ETA has about a 40 hours power reserve, while the Miyota has a 45 hour reserve.

Winding Mechanism – The Miyota employs a ball bearing unidirectional winding rotor. The ETA utilizes a ball bearing rotor that winds in both directions.

Second Hand Drive – The Miyota uses an indirect second hand drive and the ETA uses the newer direct second hand drive.

Shock Resistance – The ETA employs Incabloc shock resistance, while the Miyota uses its own proprietary shock resistance on the balance.

Hacking – When you pull out the crown to set the time, the ETA second hand will stop. The Miyota 8215’s second hand does not stop when setting the time.

Date set – Both of these two movements have the quick set date function.

The ETA 2824-2 movement is better than the Miyota 8215 in my own view. It is made in Swiss and has been created for more than 20 years. Compared with the above technical data, we can see that the 2824-2 movement comes out ahead.

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Swiss Replica Watch Movement Introduction

Friday, July 15, 2011 2:15:08 AM America/Los_Angeles

Here are the introduction of some swiss replica watch movements, including ETA 2824-2, ETA 2836-2, ETA 2892-2, ETA 2893-2, Asian 21j, Asian 7750, Swiss Valjoux 7750/7750 and Asian 7753Movement.


ETA 2824-2 Movement
Usually, when wearers get in touch with the mechanical watch, they will firstly use the ETA 2824-2 or Seiko 7S26 movement. The ETA 2824-2 movement not only is stable and high accurate, but also has manual winding function. Though its price is higher than the Japanese movement, from all aspects, it is still the first choice of the new wearers. Its basic information: diameter of 25.60 mm, thickness of 4.60 mm, power reserve minimum 38 hours, 25 jewels, frequency of 28.800 v.p.h, double self-winding.

ETA 2836-2 Movement
This ETA 2836-2 movement is similar to the ETA 2834-2 movement. One different point is that it allows for day/date function.

ETA 2892-2 Movement
ETA 2892-2 movement is thinner and similar to the ETA 2824-2 movement. Its technical data includes: automatic winding, manual winding is possible, diameter of 17.20 mm, movement height of 1.8 mm, 25 jewels, hours, minutes, seconds and instantaneous date calendar functions, shock protection, frequency of 28,800 v.p.h, daily rate from -10 to +20 s/day, power reserve minimum of 40 hours.

ETA 2893-2 Movement
It is based on the ETA 2892-2 movement, but capable of allowing a GMT function as well. Its movement information includes: size of 11.5 mm, diameter of 25.6 mm, thickness of 4.1 mm, 21 jewels, automatic, sweep second, date, and dual time functions.

Asian 21j Movement
This is one of the most common automatic movements for a watch. And it includes many versions. Most have proven to be reliable and affordable alternatives to the ETA version. Ticks at 21,600 bph. This kind of Asian 21 jewels movement is almost originated from Chinese. It is reliable and for long periods of time, and typically just has one set of hands and a date wheel.

Asian 7750 Movement
Watches using this movement has subdials at 12, 9 and 6 o’clock that indicate the 30-minute counter, running seconds, and 12-hour counter respectively. It is also available in the 3-6-9 configuration. The number one rule with an Asian 7750 is to never change the date while the time is between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Also never reset the chronos while they are running. The Asian 7750 with seconds running at 6 is generally the same as the running seconds at 9 version, with an additional module that allows for the seconds to run on the 6 o’clock subdial.

Swiss Valjoux 7750/7753 Movement
Swiss Valjoux 7750 and 7750 movement is very similar, both of them have expensive prices. However, they are great movements and far more reliable and high precise than the Asian version.

Asian 7753 Movement
This Asian 7753 movement is similar to the 7750 in that it is an automatic chronograph movement. Subdials are located at 3, 6 and 9.

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The Usage of a Chronograph Watch

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 12:58:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

usage of chronograph

What is chronograph of a watch? First of all let’s start by defining what a chronograph is: a type of wrist watch that has functions for timekeeping and stopwatch. It is divided into two types: with digital display and analog with gauges. It is quite necessary for an athlete to record the time. In order to help you maximize the enjoyment of your timepiece, you should understand some additional features. Here are some instructions of using a chronograph, let’s learn it together.

The first step – Pull out or twist out the center dial on the left side of your watch face. You should make sure it settle into an extended position. Twist the dial until your watch indicates the proper time.

The second step – Set the date of your replica watch swiss. Pull out, or twist, the center dial on the left side of your watch face. You should assure it settle into an extended position, then pull again to reach the most extended setting function which controls the date. If your watch display the proper date, you can stop twisting the dial to move the day and date.

The third step – Usage of stopwatch function. Usually there are two buttons for you to control the chronograph function. One is reset to zero button, another is start/stop button. In general, the chronograph is locating at 12 o’clock if you don’t press the button. Once you press the start button, it will start to count. Press it twice and it stops, press it the third time and it goes on counting. The reset to zero button is used to reset the counter. If you press the reset to zero button, it wil usually stop the counter. Pressing the reset button the second time will continue counting. At this point if you want to reset the counter just hit the start/stop button. After that things will return to normal.

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Care and Tips of Your Replica Bell & Ross Watches

Friday, July 8, 2011 2:00:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

Many watch enthusiast annoy that it is really difficult to maintain a replica Bell & Ross watch. According to this, I specially consult one of my good friends who now is working in a watchmaking factory. Here are some care and tips of your replica Bell & Ross watch taken from him.

At first, if your watch is improperly maintained, it would not last long, even an exorbitant authentic branded watch is also no exception. To keep your watch in good condition, you should care and protect it properly, so that the replica watches could function wonderfully and lastingly under proper care.

In the following, we will introduce some useful care and maintenance tips of your replica Bell & Ross watch.

Tip 1: Regularly wear your replica Bell & Ross watch
It is certain that you wear the replica Bell & Ross watch to tell time. But some people put it off for a long time after stop wearing the watch, it is still necessary for me to remind you to wear the replica Bell & Ross regularly. If you deal with it in an improper way, the lubricants in the mechanism would harden, giving rise to friction within the mechanism. If you often put on your timepiece, a constant flow of the lubricants and the precision of the watch are both ensured. If your watch is not be worn every day, make sure you wear it every week.

Tip 2: Keep your replica Bell & Ross away from high temperature and damp environment
Severe environment is harmful to your replica Bell & Ross watch, so are the ordinary watches. If the watch puts in the high temperature, it would melt the rubber joining the case and the mechanism, on the other hand, the dampness would have influence in the normal operation of the movement only if it is a water resistant watch. Be careful to put your watch and protect it from high temperature and damp environment.

Tip 3: Take care of the scratches and shocks
Your replica Bell & Ross watch can not bear any scratch, which will affect its beauty. What’s more, the severe shock would do great harm to the normal working of the replica Bell & Ross timepiece, such as desk, chair or other solid objects. Sudden movements of your watch would create strong shocks to the mechanism of your timepiece.

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Care of Your Leather Band

Thursday, July 7, 2011 1:25:44 AM America/Los_Angeles

In addition to steel band, leather band is another band material that you should take care of. On the one hand, it is characteristic of elegance and fashion, on the other hand, it is warm and comfortable to wear in the cold winter. However, it is quite difficult to maintain the leather band for many watch enthusiast. In my last post, I strongly introduce the tips of caring a steel band. Today, I will talk about another band – leather band care. I will tell you some tips for how to maintain a leather band to prolong your leather band’s service life.

1. What is smell?
Leather band has been always sought-after with lots of watch fans by its good making and exquisite style. If you want your watch that looks good, you should decorat flowers to brocade, making you appear to be more charming. Everything has its disadvantages, leather band is no exception, it will give out the peculiar smell, which is a big problem for watch owners. Here, I have a good tip, if the leather band gives out the strange smell, you can use a toothbrush soak in soapsuds, brush the dirty things quickly, then use a piece of wet cloth clean it up. It should be taken at least 20 seconds to brush the leather permeated by soapsuds. Additionally, after you brush the leather band, you also can coat a little leather oil on the leather band. This layer of leather oil can protect the surface and make the whole maintenance more completed.

2. Leather band is getting harder than stone
Another condition you will see in leather band is hardening. One deadly weakness to accelerate the leather band’s hardening rate is that the leather band is used in damp environment. Another deadly weakness is the sweat, which can erode the leather, making the band distortional, hardening or broken. Therefor, to avoid twisting leather band when it’s getting hardening is very necessary. Also, it is essential to change the band in proper time. If you can fitly maintain the leather band, you can save money to buy a new band.

Our advice:
1. The most notable feature of leather band is its soft and comfortable texture. But it is not easy to maintain and is also very serious. So I advise you not to wear it in summer or after exercise due to people easy to sweating. If you like to wear leather band, you should wipe your sweat.

2. Despite of what kind of materials it’s made from, long time wearing will make your leather band giving out peculiar smell. There is only one way to keep the band, which places it in dry condition and cleans it regularly. What’s more, you should wipe the water away and dry it immediately if your leather band gets wet. If there is some dust or dirt, you can use a piece of cloth clean it as soon as possible.

3. Sometimes you can take turn to wear a different band. Leather needs breath, ventilated environment can prolong its service life. Besides, leather band’s wearing itself is a process of continuous pull and push, so if you do not use it every day, it will naturally be broken.

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Careful Maintenance of Your Steel Band

Friday, July 1, 2011 2:04:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

Watch is composed of different technical parts, perhaps, you don’t pay much attention to the watch band, while, in fact, it is a very important part for watch wearing. In general, watch band can be grouped into two kinds: steel band and leather band. As for watch collectors and purchasers, steel band is usually very sought-after due to its long-wearing and special metallic luster. Yet, if you don’t care it in a proper way, it will be a big impact on you overall image. Though it is easy to maintenance, you should also know some knowledge of your bracelet.

1. If your steel band gets scratches, what can we do for it?
A long-wearing watch will lose its appealing color and shining luster in the sun, so an elegant smooth steel band is a must for many watch enthusiast. Meanwhile, if a steel band gets scratch and tidy, the whole watch will become very obscured. So, you should master the following tip when a steel band gets scratches. You should buy a polishing cloth (also called magic cloth) from a timepiece shop, then clean up the scratches by yourself. If it is difficult to recover the band for its deep scratches, you should take it to a master to handle.

2. How to remove the dirt of your steel band?
If a watch band gets a lot of dirt, which consists of sweat stains and filth, and smells bad, according to this, you can squeeze some toothpaste or detergent on a soft-bristled toothbrush then brush the steel band. Then, you should rinse it well with water, at last, wiping with a flannel, dry it with hair dryer. What’s more, you should keep eyes on the K gold watch, because it will discolor due to oxidation after a long-term wearing. If it loses its luster, you should give it to a master to maintain. If you want to clean it by yourself, there is a good method, you can use the dentifrice to wipe it, and the result is really good.

Our advice:
1. You should be very careful during the process of the cleaning, avoiding water permeating. It is necessary to use some water to clean the surface, it’s more a less than a gain, so you’d better send your watch to masters.

2. A metal band is easy to be rusty after wetted without timely dealing. In addition, if a watch gets rust and dirt, it will be easily exposed from band seams, stain clothes, or worse, causes skin allergies. Therefor, you must be remember to dry those band seams with cloth. 3. Because K gold band is quite soft, if you knock or improperly touch it, the scratches will left on the band. What’s more, the chlorine and sweat in our daily life can discolor K gold. So it is essential to keep the band dry, handle or remove with care.

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The Detailed Classification of Watch

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 2:21:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

Generally speaking, watch classification is usually divided into eight different functional categories, including chronograph, chronometer, perpetual calendar, antimagnetic watches, diving timepieces, waterproof watch, worletimer and calendar watch. In order to get in-depth knowledge, let me describe them one by one in this post.

1. Chronograph
Chronograph is a professional name. In old English and Latin, it means “time”, in English record tool, it names “graph.” Some ordinary watches continuously indicate the passing time, while chronograph is distinctive, it can keep and record the length of time. Usually, chronograph has 30 minutes or 12 hours timekeeping function. The longest hand of a watch is used as a chronograph hand which always locates at the 12 o’clock position if you don’t press the chronograph pushers.

2. Chronometer
Chronometer is a high precise watch, which indicates that this watch has been tested by Swiss Official COSC.

3. Perpetual Calendar
Perpetual Calendar is in the meaning of ten thousand years calendar, which is a exaggerated name in British less exaggerated in China. The alleged “forever” implies that you can be instructed to the correct date without adjusting the chain. Perpetual calendar is a complicated watch and can be instructed to date, even in a week. You do not need to adjust a leap year, because it operates automatically.

4. Antimagnetic watches
Due to some metal parts in a watch, antimagnetic watch is invented, which is used to prevent the the watch from causing magnetism. This anitmagnetic method developed by IWC is: adopting soft iron manufacturing to reduce the magnetism of a watch, certainly, also has the dual protection. For more thoroughly, simply switch to the magnetic material to make spare parts.

5. Diving timepieces
Diving watch is a great invention for divers when diving underneath. Ordinary watch can not dive and must meet stringent regulations. In short, diving watch is used to prevent the reverse rotation in the dark sea, and improve the clear readability by the luminous pointers and markers. It bears higher performance, which can be measured.

6. Waterproof watch
Waterproof watch has the cover glass and engagement with gasket. The twisting screws can prevent the penetration of dust and liquid. In general, the daily life of waterproof watch can only reach 30 meters, while swimming watch is 100 meters.

7. Worletimer
Worletimer is a chronograph to satisfy the requirements of travelling. It is based on the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), fully showing the worldwide moments. The great majority of chronograph is engraved with the names of large cities and the local time, at the same time, indicates the dual time zone.

8. Calendar watch
Normally, you will see a small window on a watch dial, with digital instructions a month of 31, this function is the calendar, or you can call it – date. There are two kinds of date indicators, one is used mostly digital, another is pointer display. Additionally, you many see some watches with double window, which are week and date indications, called Full calendar. In general the calendar adds the calendar adjusting device because of the length of the month.

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Tips and Steps of Cleaning a Wrist Watch

Friday, June 24, 2011 1:11:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

Many people will be annoyed that the watch gets dirty and is hard to clean up. As for me, just master several steps and tips of cleaning, you can easily remove the trouble and renovate the watch.

One year ago, I had a friend who worked at a jewelry shop, and it was at this jewelry shop that I saw an amazing watch that I had ever coveted. It sold at a high price, even with the Friends & Family Discount. At last, I decided to bring it home. My friend told me to clean it with the cloth and just the cloth. I have carefully took care of it for a long time. To this day, through a long period of dirt accumulation, it is lack of its previous shine and touches a lot of dust. To get a new look, I take some advices from my friend to clean a watch. Now, let us jointly study the following steps.

Steps of cleaning a wrist watch

Look over your wrist watch and disassemble it with some specific tools and skills, so that deep cleaning is out of question.

step 1 of cleaning a wrist watch
The main tool to clean you wrist watch is a polishing cloth, which generally comes with the watch when you buy it. If you don’t get one, you can go to your local jeweler and ask for one.

Step 3 of cleaning a wrist watch
The first part you should clean is the watch band. This may be the dirtiest part of your watch. It leaves a lot of nooks and crannies for dead skin and dirt to get stuck in. When you bend and manipulate the links, you will find many hard-to-reach spots inside, justly easily wipe them off and no need taking anything apart. You can see how they fold back on each other in the photo, exposing their previously hidden ends.

Step 4 of cleaning a wrist watch
The second step is to clean the wrist watch dial. It is the easiest part of the watch to clean and will get nice just wiping your cloth over the whole thing. If it is difficult to clean between the dial and band, just use the tip of one of the cloth corners to clean it. Or put the cloth over the tip of a dull pencil and use the cloth-laden pencil tip to clean the nook. On the other hand, if your watch is water resistant, you can use a soft-bristled brush and warm soapy water to clean it.


Step 5 of cleaning a wrist watch

One necessary thing to use is an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. It is hot sale in the watch market recently. In general, they are sold from $40 to $200 being contingent on the brand and quality. They are as effective as the industrial ultrasonic cleaners. If you want to get an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and clean the watch by yourself, just go for it. But you should notice that some jewelry should not be ultrasonically cleaned, like pearls, opal, emeralds and so on.

Tips for cleaning your wristwatch

-If your watch band gets too messed-up or dirty, just replace it, because the band is the cheapest part of your watch.

-If you want to buy a wrist watch, you should look for some equipped with sapphire crystal glass face, because it is the hardest substance.

-Make sure that your watch is water resistant when you decide to use soapy water to clean.

-When buying a watch, I suggest that you should choose those which are in a velvet-lined box or in a cloth bag.

-If your watch is water proof and made from plastic, you can use a soft brush and soapy water to clean it.

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Complete Maintenance of Your Expensive Watch

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 12:57:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

When you buy a top quality, expensive watch, you should get know the basics of how to maintenance it. Now read your instruction manual, and know more about the features of your watch.

The properties of your extravagant men watch lie in the careful maintenance. Open your manual, it will recommend how often you should service the watch and band, check your watch in the period of the warranty and clean the watch on a specific service center confirmed by the business firm. These cares consist of protecting the properties of your watch from damaging.

Mechanical watches account for the majority of most designer watches. Some are likewise self-winding watches. You can wind this kind of watches automatically.

Some famous watches like Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer are produced by companies are chronometers, highly precise watches, which are usually mechanical. You should test,verify and rate the accuracy of this watch. Swiss watch testing agency that has the authority to evaluate a watch as a chronometer issued a certificate to authenticate the high class timepiece.

Many men watches cost much and have the highest quality standards. What’s more they are made of the excellent material and have the resistance to some problems.

Factors of damage and the care tips

The change of water resistance is contingent on the watch. It can endure deep sea diving ranging from resisting splashes of water to watches by its standardized measure. You should check the water resistant level at all times, if it surpasses the specified standard, take it to a watch maker to check the damage.

Corrosion of a watch is mainly from salt water, which is more damaging than regular water. To resist these conditions, you should often consider if a watch is near salt water. One problem you also must be noticed is the strong chlorinated water.

Chemicals, solvents or gases are some other substances that you should avoid when you wear a dear watch. Actually, the finished hairspray also can damage your watch. Remember that these items can give rise to deterioration, discoloration or change the color of cases, bracelets and straps.

Temperature Extremes
Be careful that you should not lay your watch in extreme heat or cold condition for a long time. To consider for you, some watches are created to withstand some extreme temperatures.

Among many expensive mechanical watches and some with special attention to movement, magnetism is not often be seen. While it can strongly affect the analogue watches. On the other hand, the tiny motor can be affected by mobile phones, televisions and refrigerators.

In some conditions, mechanical watches can be also affected by strong magnetism, leading to running fast, too slowing or stopping. The magnetism still exists in the mechanical watch even after removing, so you sould consult a watchmaker and correct the watch.

If your watch is highly precise and treated carefully. You should prevent it from dropping the water or subjecting it to undue shocks. When you take part in high impact sports, accurate watches should not be worn.

Straps and bracelets
Use a soft toothbrush with soap and water to clean your metal bracelets, then dry it with a soft cloth. Make sure that water don’t dip the watch case if a watch is not water resistant. With a slightly damp cloth, you can wip gently and dry carefully.

If perspiration wets your luxury watch or strap, you can use a dried and soft cloth to wipe it immediately and put it in a well ventilated area to dry.


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